Since 2006, Centrepointe Laser Clinic has been serving Ottawa and surrounding areas, providing the perfect hair removal experience and skin care. Our clinic offers you different alternatives for hair removal: laser, electrolysis, waxing and sugaring along with microdermabrasion skin rejuvenation. We are equipped to deal with any type of hair removal - whether permanent or semi-permanent, and for all ages. After doing a complimentary consultation and a patch test, we will determine which hair removal technique is best for you. We have a solution for all types of hair and skin tone. There is no reason today for people to suffer with unwanted hair and.

We offer a calm and relaxing place to come to for your hair removal treatment. Our facility in Ottawa reflects our belief in first class treatment and experience for our clients. We are client friendly. We are also the one of the oldest and most advanced hair removal clinic in Ottawa.

Our Ottawa clinic offers a cozy and friendly environment consisting of 3 treatment rooms and a comfortable reception/waiting area. We have a medical file system that tracks our clients’ treatments and progresses. We track our clients’ progress by taking a photo before and after treatments to show progress and build a profile.


Our staff are either trained nurses or trained electrologists who are experts about the different types of hair removal methods. All our staff are also professionally trained on our equipment.

Margaret Hazel is the founder and operator of Centrepointe Laser and has had 20 years experience in hair removal. She graduated from Eleanor Roberts Institute at Newbury College in Boston and is a registered and licensed Electrologist in the state of Massachusetts (which is the highest licensing state in North America for electrolysis). She is also a registered cosmetologist.




At Centrepointe Laser Clinic we use the latest technology in Laser hair removal called Comet elos to ensure our clients the utmost satisfaction for removing all types of hair on all types of skins. Comet elos provides superior hair removal in a safe and effective way. elos™ technology is the first and ONLY technology that effectively removes hair of all colors. The Comet™ – powered by elos, is the fastest way to remove unwanted hair on all colors of skin, including tanned skin.

Unlike older laser and light based technologies which use only one energy source, elos is the first and only technology to combine two energy sources for maximum speed, effectiveness and comfort. elos combines diode laser and bipolar radio frequency energies to get superior results with lower optical energy output. Lower optical energy output means the highest level of safety and better comfort for you. Pulses of targeted energy isolate the treatment area and leave surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects.








Call us for a complimentary consultation. Our friendly certified practitioners would love to help you!

Free parking on the premise.