What’s electrolysis?

This is a method of removing unwanted hair by inserting a tiny hair thin probe into the follicle of the hair. The probe is passed with electricity which causes localized shock to the area that grows hair. This needs to be done by a licensed electrologist and at Centrepointe Laser Clinic, we have licensed and experienced electrologists just to perform this.

So, why use electrolysis when I can opt for laser?

Electrolysis can be performed almost anywhere on the body. It is a more guaranteed form of hair removal and works on dark AND light hair. The results from electrolysis are guaranteed on the areas performed.

So, how many sessions will it take?

This is totally depenent on your body and hair growth hormones. Please give us a call at 613-727-0714 for a complimentary consultation.

Sounds great. But, what about side effects?

Side effects of the treatment are primarily dermatological in origin. Thus, the reason for a licensed electrologist who has been performing the procedure in a safe and reputable establishment. Centrepointe Laser Clinic has been performing electrolysis since 2006 and has a long standing reputation when it comes electrolysis.

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